Tarot of Delphi: A Fine Art Tarot Deck & Booklet

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can you ship the deck to the UK?
    Yes! Finally! It took a year and a lot of back and forth, but we have opened shipping to the United Kingdom. However, please note that, while are confident enough to begin shipping the deck to the UK, there are still some gray areas of UK copyright law, so we cannot guarantee the deck will continue to be availability.
  • Can you ship the Tarot of Delphi to my country?
    We can ship the Tarot of Delphi to all countries except the the Ivory Coast, which has extended copyrights. We also do not ship to countries where mail delivery is reported as unreliable or where we have had trouble shipping in the past. For information about specific countries or faster shipping options, contact us here.

Questions about the Art

  • Why didn’t you choose [fill in the blank] painting instead?
    Sometimes when people suggest an alternate image, it does not fit the Neoclassical theme, artistic style, or historical era of the deck. Tarot of Delphi uses only Neoclassical Victorian and Edwardian art with a "realistic" or "photographic" quality. Other times, the curator, J.D. Hildegard Hinkel, simply made a different choice than what you or someone else might have made. J.D. Hildegard Hinkel chose the images for each card and made all final decisions about the design. About 12 images were chosen with input from Kickstarter backers who voted for their favorite images. In addition, Kickstarter backer Phillip Metzger chose the final image for Enchantress of Wands card.