Tarot of Delphi: A Fine Art Tarot Deck & Booklet

Face Cards

  • Five-Cards

    Hero of Coins: Hercules

    As the Hero (Knight, King) of Coins, Hercules is the champion of life. Vital and vigorous, he epitomes the…

  • Five-Cards

    Devotee of Wands: The Priestess

    The Devotee of Wands guards the sacred fire of Wands: creativity and spiritedness. This may be a mood, like...

  • Five-Cards

    Artisan of Wands: Roman Architect

    An architect stands alone, thinking. He sketches in the dirt with a staff. He is trying to solve a...

  • Five-Cards

    Enchantress of Coins: Invocation

    In the soft light of the golden hour, a stately woman lifts her veil before an alter. She’s not...